Our mission, in addition to best organizing a mass participation sporting event like Prosecco Cycling, is to inspire and provide innovation for environmental sustainability: the starting point of every program and choice we develop to enhace the event. This includes the conduct of our impact on the environment through improvements in:

· event planning;
· procurement activities and choice of suppliers office;
· warehouse management.

This environmental policy applies to all of our operations.

We seek to conduct activities that have zero impact on the environment, such as resource use, choice of materials, waste production and disposal, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and nature conservation, emissions to land, water and air. Through rigorous assessment and measurement of what these impacts are, we act to eliminate or minimize negative ones and amplify positive ones.

We also aim to encourage our suppliers, contractors, participants, volunteers, spectators and sponsors to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Our environmental policy strategies aim to:

– Identify, understand, measure, monitor and continually review our environmental plan, focusing on waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.

– Eliminate or reduce waste and recycle.

– Develop and implement a framework for responsible procurement.