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Sunday 2 October 2022, 8:30 am in Valdobbiadene (TV), Italy.
Single route: km 100Gradient 1600 m entirely developed on Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene, Unesco World Heritage Site.
Italian and Foreign Cyclists (licensed or non licensed), of both sexes aged between 18 and 75, with any type of bicycle (racing, cycle-tourism, electric, tandem, mountain bike, recumbent, handbike).
The only type of medical certificate accepted for participation in Prosecco Cycling 2022 is the valid Certificate of eligibility for competitive cycling as per art. 4 of the Ministerial Decree 164 / 24.04.2013 (see facsimile). Certificates issued for other Sports Disciplines, even of endurance, such as triathlon, Athletics or similar are not eligible.
Italian and foreign Cyclists not licensed in a Company and/or Sports Association and licensed foreign Cyclists without U.C.I. license, to participate must necessarily pay, in addition to registration fee, the amount of € 10.00 to start the multi-risk insurance policy + RCT (see policy) which coverage is valid only for the duration of the event and is non-refundable in case of non-participation.

Exclusively online, on Endu Portal, on the Official Prosecco Cycling Page by completing the online admission request and payment by: credit card, satispay, bank transfer.

From 22 February to 30 June € 47.00 plus transaction fees
From 01 July to 25 September € 52.00 plus transaction fees

From 22 February to 30 June€ 42.00 plus transaction fees
From 01 July to 25 September€ 47.00 plus transaction fees

* In the event that the number of Participants is less than 10, individual rates will be applied.

From 02 February starting from€ 110.00 plus transaction fees

The call is set on Friday, 30 September 2022, from 15:00 to 19:00 and Saturday 01 October 2022 from 9:00 to 19:00 at Tenuta Villa Sandi, Via Tessere n.1 in Valdobbiadene, Zecchei Locality. The technical – and gift box will not be delivered on Sunday morning 02 October 2022. The delivery service of the technical envelope and the gift package is also provided, only for Gold Participants, on Sunday morning 2 October 2022 from h. 6:30 to h. 7:30 in the Hospitality Area, set up at the Loggia of the Municipality of Valdobbiadene, Piazza G. Marconi.
The number for the bike with its laces, the single use chip, the documentation with all the main information to participate the Event.
Yes, it is possible. To collect the technical – and/or gift box, the Third Parties in charge  must show an identity document to be issued in copy and consign the appropriate request  of delivery signed by the delegating Party (see request) as well as the required documentation pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 2. points a) and b) of the Regulation.
Upon request of the Participant and no later than Sunday 18 September 2022, it is possible to receive the technical – and the gift-box directly at Your residence and/or domicile only for participants domiciled in Italy. The cost of shipping is € 15.00 including VAT. The request can be done directly on Endu Portal in the online format for the request of admission to Prosecco Cycling 2022.
The timing service is provided by MySDAM with single-use chip technology. No other personal chips is admitted. The single-use chip, including the instructions for use, will be delivered inside the technical box and must be placed under the saddle by the supplied special support. No deposit for the single-use chip is required.
The purchase and use of the chip is optional. Any purchase of the chip for Participants wishing to be included in the rankings Individual Category, Fun Team and Maglia Nera, can be done by online admission request by adding € 3.00 to the participation fee.

INDIVIDUAL CLASSIFICATION OF CATEGORY – it is drawn up in alphabetical order based on the sum of the times established in Real Time, exclusively on the three timed uphill stretches foreseen and reported along the route. However, it will also be possible to view the time taken in each individual climb and on the entire route, with the related category position and absolute, but not for ranking purposes.

TEAM RANKING – It rewards the Group made up indiscriminately of men and women, enrolled in the same Team with the greatest number of Participants (minimum 10) passing on arrival-line within 30″ between the first and last of its Members, within the maximum time of 4h 45 from departure.

(MIXED) GROUP RANKING – It rewards the Group made up of men and women licensed with different Teams and/or licensed with the same Team (having less than 10 Participants) and/or not licensed with any Company and/or Sports Association. Everything established in TEAM RANKING applies.

FUN TEAM RANKING – It rewards the Group made up of men and women indiscriminately, enrolled in the same Team achieving the best time on the whole route (km 100). The Group must consist of (at least 5) Participants who will pass on arrival-line within 30″ between the first and fifth of its Members. The Team not finishing the test with at least one woman in the top 5, will be penalized by 15 minutes.

BLACK JERSEY RANKING – It rewards the Group made up of men and women indiscriminately, enrolled in the same Team, recording the worst result in the average distance of the three timed climbs. This average will be calculated by adding the average distance of the three timed climbs realized by the 10 Members of each Team achieving the worst result.
Participants on e-bikes will not be included in the Individual Category, Fun Team and Maglia Nera Rankings, as they can compete exclusively for the Mixed Teams and Groups Rankings.

The Individual Ranking will be presented only for the first place of each category, while Team, Mixed Groups, Fun Team and Maglia Nera Rankings will be presented only with the first five Teams. Everything will be exhibited before h.13:30 on the big screen of Piazza G. Marconi where the Award Ceremony will take place only for the Teams Rankings. The complete Rankings will be available online on Prosecco Cycling Website starting from h. 17:00.
Participants will be given the free ticket to access the “Tiramisù Taste Event“, available from h. 12.00 to h. 17:00 at Villa dei Cedri, Via Piva in Valdobbiadene. People without free ticket, including any accompanying Persons, will be able to use the service upon payment of € 5.00 per person. Children under 18 can use the service as long as they are accompanied by their Parents or an Adult.